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V79 Cell Battery™

1. V79 Cell Battery™

2. V79 Cell Battery™ for Phase I Enzymes

3. V79 Cell Battery™ for Phase II Enzymes
3.1. Glutathion S-Transferases (GST)
3.2. N-Acetyltransferases (NAT)
3.3. UDP-Glucuronosyl-Transferases (UGT)
3.4. Sulfotransferases (SULT)

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V79 Cell Battery™
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"Professor Doehmer is one of the first toxicologists to apply the use of mammalian cell lines expressing human recombinant P450-isoenzymes in the prediction of drug metabolism und toxicity. This success has led to the confirmation of the heterogeneity of drug metabolism in different species and is an alternative to animal models for the evaluation of toxicity."
Taken from the DFG expert report (August 30, 2000)