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Cytotoxicity / Hepatotoxicity Test

Cytotoxicity is a well established and easily accessable endpoint to get first information on the general / acute toxic potential of a test item. In order to further investigate the possible involvement of metabolism and the mechanism of toxicity different test systems and / or endpoints shoul be investigated.

Test Systems

  • low metabolic competence: V79 cells (parental)
  • high metabolic competence: primary hepatocytes (see ADME / Species Comparison and Metabolite Profiling)
  • specific metabolic competence: V79 Cell BatteryTM (see V79 Cell BatteryTM)

Three different endpoints for cytotoxicity can be measured:

  • mitochondrial activity: MTT-Assay
  • membrane integrity: Neutral Red Uptake
  • total protein content: Sulforhodamine B-Assay

Please inquire for further test systems and endpoints.

Avanced Cytotoxicity / HepatotoxicityTest (V79 Cell BatteryTM)

The relative cell viability upon incubation with test item compared to the solvent control is determine (dose-effect curve and calculation of the EC50).

Quantity of test item required: 15 mg
Turnaround time of draft report : 10 working days

Study Design

  • recombinant V79 cells expressing phase I and / or phase II enzymes (see V79 Cell BatteryTM)
  • internal metabolic activation
  • ten concentrations of test item
  • eight replicates
  • incubation time: 24 to 72 h
  • positive control
  • negative control

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