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Dermatology / Cosmetics

The oral services are offered in co-operation with VivaCell.

Oral Care: in vitro Services


  • human primary monocytes
  • human normal fibroblast monolayer cultures (comparable to gingival fibroblast)
  • primary oral gingival epithelial cells (treated with pathogens) cell lines:
  • fibroblasts (MRC5, 3T3), etc.
  • VR I transfected cells: activation of these cells through this nociceptive receptor could mimic the initial steps in neurogenic inflammation and it is suitable to test new analgesic compounds topically applied in oral care


  • inflammatory parameters: PGE2, LTB4, cytokines, etc.
  • cytotoxicity: MTT, LDH, Neutral Red, etc.
  • oxygen radical production
  • cell proliferation
  • angiogenesis
  • healing and migration
  • calcium mobilisation and cell death through agonists / antagonist of the VR I in a heterolgous system

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GenPharmTox BioTech AG • phone: +49 (0) 89 89 55 59-0 • fax: +49 (0) 89 89 55 59-18 • eMail: info@genpharmtox.de

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