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Central Nervous System

The CNS services are offered in co-operation with VivaCell.

CNS: in vivo Services

Highly specialised and reliable perclinical in vivo disease models for drug development are offered.


  • transient or permanent occlusion of the middle cerebral artery in rat, mouse and transgenic rodents, focal ischemia in gerbils

Cardiac Arrest

  • occlusion of both carotid and vertebral arteries in rat and mouse

Head Trauma

  • controlled cortical impact injury in rat and mouse

Spinal Cord Trauma

  • with a spinal cord impactor in rat

Parkinson's Disease

  • intracerebral injection of 6-OH dopamine in rat and mouse


  • systemic / hippocampal kainic acid injection in rat and mouse

Huntington's Disease

  • intrastriatal injection of quinolinate in rat and mouse


  • spreading depression induced by KCI in rat and mouse

Brain Edema

  • cold-injury-induced in rat and mouse

Neuromuscular and Neurological Models

  • multiple sclerosis (EAE), transgenic models for ALS
  • inherited murine models of motoneuron diseases

Peripher Neuropathy

  • sciatic nerve crush
  • diabeitc rats (streptozotocin induction)
  • acrylamide and cisplatin-induced neuropathies


  • chronic or acute pain


  • free exploratory test
  • white / dark box
  • elevated plus maze
  • open-field


  • chronic mild stress
  • forced swim test


  • prepulse inhibition memory and amnesia
  • conditioned avoidance responses (passive avoidance)
  • maze learning tasks (radial maze, T-maze)
  • object recognition task
  • spontaneous and delayed alternation tasks (T-maze)
  • operant bar-press task

Anhedonia, Hedonia

  • place preference conditioning

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