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Metabolic Stability

The metabolic stability of the test item is determined using liver microsomes or primary hepatocytes of different species. The metabolic stability is also determined during "Metabolite Profiling and Species Comparison".

Drug Discovery Screen

The "percentage metabolism" of the test item is determined.

Quantity of test item required: 1 mg (pre-weighted)
Turnaround time of draft report: 5 working days after study initiation

Study Design

  • duplicates
  • 0.5 mg/ml of human and rat liver microsomes or 0.5*106 hepatocytes/ml
    Please inquire for further species.
  • one concentration of test item (10 µM)
  • one time point (60 min)
  • positive control: formation of 7-hydroxycoumarin
  • negative control: zero time point or no NADPH


  • LC-MS/MS detection (loss of parent compound)

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